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Sending lives to friends

How do you send lives to your friends?


I like the game so far but I am extremely frustrated right now. I have beaten this one level at least five times now but the game keeps crashing before it finishes counting the coins. Please fix this!!!


I love that you can earn stars to redecorate except they level get hard



Done with this!

All the other reviews are dead on about this app. Its a rip off and a waste of time. You can’t get past levels and then you are forced to use the stars you did earn on jumping on a bed, playing with the cat, answering a door, etc. Now it wants me to use 4 stars to lure the cat out. I don’t think so! I understand levels need to be challenging but when you play one 20-30 times (with constant shuffles due to no available move) and still can’t get past it, it gets old. I hate the time and the money I’ve wasted just to be frustrated.

Matchington mansion

I love this game but I wish it would give me more tries to decorate. Great game.

Fun game

Alaska 907..... love this 3 match game !! I recommend it highly. Gave it 5 stars..please more like it!

Nice game

Needs higher daily rewards & higher rewards for completed tasks


I find this one fun and relaxing.



Great little game

It’s addictive and fun to play decorating your mansion along the way. Been playing for a while now. Up to level 347. They do have some tough levels but, not impossible. They offer opportunities to get free stuff that don’t require purchase and when you compare this to other games of its like (such as G5) it is fantastic. It gives you enough moves to complete the game board and you can invite friends without having to log into Facebook if you don’t want. Friends can trade lives and you can get other decorating items from people you visit. I have spent some money but, nothing like some of the games require to move forward. Just some thoughts: I think our little host needs to sleep and change her clothes every once in a while😻

Too difficult, Little reward

The levels are too difficult. It is almost impossible to win without buying the extra boosters. Also, playing with the cat is not an incentive. I wanted to decorate, not pick up flyers.

Challenging fun

I love playing this game just as much as I love playing both Gardenscapes and Homescapes. The challenging levels keep me busy but I usually beat them within a couple of days max which doesn’t bother me. The only thing I don’t like is that you don’t receive very many coins per win so it can take forever just to gain enough to use to complete a level. Other than that I love this game.


I Loki’s it is a cool game


Good game

Entertaining but frustrating

I really enjoy this game, however it is frustrating. I have moderate Alzheimer’s and play games on my doctors advice. I love decorating the rooms, but some levels are so hard to pass. I am on very limited budget and can not afford to pay real money. I wish someone would design a game for those of us with limited capacities that we could play and win levels and feel the win.


It’s a fun game. No crashing( yet). I like that it has a story with the game.

Amazing game

I can not recommend this game enough. It is one of those games where you can curl up, and get lost in the game and play for hours.


Michelle still needs help stuck on level lll


Lots of fun!!!!

Good game

Levels get really hard to beat. I think it could be solved by just adding a few more turns and subtracting time from the lives restock. Otherwise it's really fun.

Matchington Masion

It is a very fun and challenging game!

Love it!

I love the game, but I’m sick and tired of the interior decorator thinking the mansion is hers when it’s not.

Fun But Incentives Are Low

I just downloaded the game 2 days ago so I will be updating my review as I progress along. So far, the game is pretty good. The graphics, gameplay, storyline etc keep you interested are good. There are a few things that I think need improving on or should have more options which are..1. You only get 1 coin per match which is really low. 2. For each furniture piece you only have 3 options to choose from. 3. Some of the boards are set up where you only have a set match to begin with which often leaves you stuck on a level and several lives are needed to advance. Other than these few things which I'm sure are an easy fix it's pretty awesome so far.

Just an FYI

So far, I like the game - not the best but not the worst. If I need to make any purchases they are usually just getting the spoons for $1.99. I’m now reaching level 112; it offers you keys to discover the library. Since the front room, bedroom and master bath - there hasn’t been any other rooms until now; has been a bunch of miscellaneous tasks to build points for. Hopefully that’s encouraging for us to keep playing or some people want to back out now. I just thought I would offer that. I hope it helps. :(


Okay, I don’t review games too often. But daaaaaamn. I haven’t started playing yet, but I already appreciate the makers of this game. In the ad it say, “Mansions crush Gardens” You have to be blind to not see that that was shade thrown at Gardenscape. So bravo, dev team.


Fun game with cute graphics but the actual matching game part is not so responsive and prevents the player from getting more points to advance to the next level!?? 🤷‍♀️

Fun but I have a suggestion

Fun game! Love decorating. Just wish it moved a little faster. For example, Just let the work get done versus having to call the workmen and then counting the phone call as a task.


This game started off nice but after a while you began to see what's wrong with of the important things I see is that you have to hit a match sometimes three and four times before they go away that's not takes atleast 15 minutes before you can play again or they want atleast half your money to have extra plays and when you play five days in a row you would think you would get a good prize but you get a stupid painting and the paintings are ugly so you wouldn't use them in the first place....I could say more but it won't make a difference so I'm just going to delete the game and see if I can find a game that's a bit more fair

Fun and addictive but

Never enough time to solve puzzles from second room on. Extra time costs are outrageous. 5 more moves to start would be much better.

Not enough turns

Why is it you have to make it so hard to finish a puzzle? You add more moves to your puzzles, we shouldn’t have to play it days to get it done. I cancel this game once and someone told me it got better so I tried it again only to see nothing changed. So off I go again. Delete...

Fun game

Fun game but some levels are too hard and only earn minimal coins for the hard levels.


Great Game 😊 FUN


So awesome


The games can be really challenging as you strategize to collect all the tokens indicated. The one thing I’ve noticed is that when you get extra chances after watching a video (5), you actually only get 3 more chances. I haven’t counted to make sure I’m getting all regular chances. But makes me wonder...

My favorite game!!💋

This game is great! I am already at level 36!I think that this game deserves a five star rating!!!!!😛What I like most about this game is that it is full of secrets and surprises in each room! It also has a great host and I like the part where they find the cat! I think this game is unique in its own way!!

Very fun

Great game super fun and well planned out.

Frustrating being bounced out of the game and losing points😡

This is a very fun game to play thus far. However, after every round it closes the entire application. Several times I've a point when bounced out....very frustrating!!!

Slow progress if you don't spend money

I like your game but I hope you will go the way of other games that have realized there are some people who want to play games but will NEVER SPEND ANY MONEY ADVANCING ON GAMES! Offer other options like watching a 20-30 second advertisement for another of your games or a paid advertiser. Let them pay instead of your gamers. You will get lots of loyalty and people who stick with you and give you top ratings!!!!!!

Too expensive.

Too expensive


I just started and my main problem is I don’t really like Tiffany. Which is why I don’t understand she gets the master bedroom too. Might be better if we, the player, gets more choices instead of just doing everything Tiffany says (after all, it IS supposed to be the players mansion. Otherwise, why not make Tiffany the owner instead?) Also, for reading the diary, why not make it 3 stars at once instead of one at a time?

Convert from home and garden scapes!

This game def stacks up. My only observation is that sometimes u hit the target and still don’t get the reward, like popping the teddy bear. Argh....

Love this game

5 stars all way.


Way to glitchy. The app closes every 3 minutes. I can't even finish a level without it closing.

Passing time

Love this game!

What fun!

Love the story line & decorating options, so far so good😘


I love this game, but sometimes they’re too challenging!

Fantastic game!

I love Matching Mansion! Im on level 397, I enjoy the challenge within the game and also the storyline behind it, but as everyone else says, I don’t enjoy the side tasks, some are just pointless and lead to nothingness, I can understand the developers not wanting the player to progress too fast because they want their game to last long but at least make some of the side tasks more worth the stars spent - otherwise the game is amazing and I love spending my free time on it, which you can see I have a lot of.

I love mansions but

I wish this was reality looking and the view was from her own eyes. One day someone will come up with it. Still looking for a mansion game to where you can walk where you want and balance the socialite life, parties, shopping and family life. Sims is too restrictive.

Love it!!!

Love this game !!!!! In desperate need of more ways to get starts :)

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