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Awesome but...

I love this game and there are hard one’s and real easy one’s I really like it’s so hard too pass a few levels that I thought I would never pass but I did, but why can’t you watch videos for coins?!?!?! But other than that I really like it and I recommend it


Dude I love this game it’s so addicting I love the matching and then the extra decor part totally recommend it

Updated review. A+

Thank you so much for taking your downloaders advice to heart! I absolutely love this game now. My previous review was not a good one because of a problem after an update. This problem was FIXED, and the developers actually took the time to email me and let me know. This is a developer who cares about it's downloaders. Again, THANK YOU!

Great Game

You have to try this game for yourself! It is a great game that keeps you reeled into it!

Super fun!

This is one of the funnest games I’ve played! I downloaded this one after enjoying another game just like it, that was getting frustrating. I have to say, I enjoy this one a lot more. The levels are easy, but also challenging. The stories are so much fun! I also love that while visiting other players’ homes, you can pick up more furniture and such! My kids love to snuggle up and help me with decorating (or redecorating). Plus, there’s a T-Rex skeleton that my dinosaur loving son absolutely flipped out over.


So addicted can't stop. Oops gotta get back


Love games where I can earn the stuff I need vs. spending money. This is one of them.

Matchington Mansion

Great new game, my new favorite. I would spend more time playing especially with the little mystery’s popping up here and there, I’m a push over for a mystery and have to solve it, unfortunately the graphics and words are so small I can’t play for long periods at a time. I love the ability to make choices for making changes, and the ability to earn boosters and coins. Great job on this one.

Fun game

It’s a good game. I just wish the selection for walls, bed etc wasn’t old fashion and more modern style. I feel no matter what I choose for a room it still look so old.

Great, reallly difficult

Tone it down a notch with some of these insanely hard levels. I’ve been stuck on the same one for a week and I’m really disappointed because I love the game but there’s no way for me to move on. Have a “skip this level” option or something, or help the players out a little when they’re REALLY stuck. Sad that you make a great game and then there’s no way to beat this one level. Watch out for 77 and 81 because I was stuck on them for weeks.

Matchington Manor

I like this game but not receiving updates for iPhone.


My favorite game ever!!!!


I love the game I really do but some parts of the game is extremely blurry and some parts are clear would love to be able to see the entire layout clear and crisp

Favorite but not after awhile

This game was my favorite until you get to harder levels then you have to keep buying coins. Can get quite expensive. If you don’t buy coins then you either have to just delete game or keep paying. Was my favorite but going to have to delete game.


I like this game pretty cool


Updated review: They fixed the game very quickly, now 5 stars! On level 989 :) Broken after update, hit play and blank screen. Fix!! Iphone 6 SE

Fun but costly

At first, I really enjoyed the game, but as I got further along, it seemed like it would take too much money to continue. On the levels with the mice, some of them would take more than five times to “collect” them. I would have one left and buy an extra five moves(about one dollar for that) after I had already matched multiple tokens next to it. To buy more moves, it would be more money. I had to uninstall it. I really enjoyed it and I don’t mind paying money for a fun game, but it seemed like I would end up costing way more than I can spend.

So fun!

I love this game!

I never get bored

This game is fun and challenging

Best game ever

This is my favorite game ever! It’s so addicting it keeps me up late at night!


جميله جداً

Matchington mansion

Was really fun to play but got too hard. Also before I had gotten to this point other games I play start having you watch ads to get free things to help the game along. Nothing here. Just can’t get through the levels. Want to continue game but would cost a fortune. Might play once a month now but go on daily to get the one little prize. Becoming not worth the time as other games at this level give a minimum of 3 prizes a day. Looking and trying new decorating games instead.

Gam crashes every time

Fun game to play but game crashes and comes out in between losing lives unnecessarily. When there is a special play like fliers icecream trucks etc and I have unlimited lives for hours game crashes. When I restart i end up getting either unlimited play hours or special play. Both is not there

This game could be better!

This game crashes a lot when I'm playing it, & wasting lives trying to play. Also a similar game the coins are easier to get with that game, you get at least 50 coins every time you bet a level.

Cute & Fun

It’s addictive 🙂 just wish we could get more coins and better package 📦 $ deals. Aside from that it’s a fun game.


I don’t like becuase the commercial is a lie I thought it was just decorating you have to go through sugar smash to get your self a couch and they don’t give you many options .... plus I don’t like the main character but that’s just me so...😂

Fun game

Love this game. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Keeps kill time when you have some down time to play with. Wish there was other ways besides buying stuff in order to get lives or money to try again. But other than that the game is awesome. 👌🏼

Problem entering my name

I can’t get the game to take my name. Am I doing something wrong?

Almost perfect!

This game has fast become my absolute favorite! It has great graphics, and being able to visit other player’s homes and build a friends list is a step above other home design games. The only drawback I have found is the base of only 10 coins with the win of a game is way too low! Especially when you consider the fact that it costs 500 coins to continue with 5 plays if you want to continue a level. It takes way too many wins to try and recover them! The bonus coins offered at intervals is a big plus, so if you nor’easter the base to 25 or 30 coins Matchington would earn a stellar 5 stars!!

stop play

when i start play , gem stoping ,why?

No pressure just enjoyable!

I like that there is no timer.


Love Love Love this game


Really loved it


I just installed the game. It doesn’t work at all. I play for 1 minute and it comes out of the game or it stops working. I don’t know why. This is the first time that I have a problem like this. My phone is iPhone 6s and its up to date. Please fix it

Facebook friend adding friend of mine to view my mansion

The game is awesome and the levels do get harder and hard I do love the challenges it be nice to view Facebook friends mansions too but when I invite friends there is no Notifications showing on Facebook can Not! Received no hearts from my friends that join me playing these game and I can’t send them hearts ether! Please fix the problem as soon as your available to do so thank you developers for a fun game.

Really fun and addictive but...

This game is really fun and a great way to pass time but I'm stuck at level 1616 now and it's a REALLY hard level. No matter what moves I make or what boosters I use, I just can't get past it. I just HOPE that the developers will notice just how frustratingly difficult this particular level is and that they'll make it easier to beat for players like me who are really low on their coins now. Despite this one complaint here, I wouldn't say that this ruins the game as a whole; I do like how they let you get more decorating ideas through visiting other players' mansions.

A game for all ages!!!!!

This is a really great game! I love the fact that not only do I like to play it, but so do my children!!! It is definitely game for all ages not too hard not too easy!

Too difficult

I agree 100% with JediKnight and his evaluation of April 4.

It is really cute game


Great game

Very relaxing game! I love the storyline



Super Frustrating!!

This game has potential to be so much fun, but when you play for hours and accumulate stars to redecorate your mansion, and you end up wasting 47 of them just go read books, light a fire in the fireplace, greet people, drink soda, and remove a giant log out of the garden, the game becomes annoying as hell!! I solved 47 puzzles and didn’t get to use a single star to purchase a new piece of furniture because I had to waste them all on nonsense!! Don’t bother wasting your time on this ridiculous game!!! It’s a shame because it would be fun if not for the unreasonable hoops the developer makes a player leap through just for a little “fun!”

Can’t find friends

Can’t find my friends on Facebook anymore thanks to the new update

Badly Advertised😡😡😡

I love designing rooms and buildings, so when I saw an advertisement for this game it seemed perfect. However no where in the ad, did it say that u had to beat levels of matching games to be able to build furniture. At first I didn’t phase me too much because the levels were fairly easy....but then they got rally hard to the point where I would have to play 10-20 times before I could beat one! This game is ok if u like games like candy-crush but.....not great if u like designing things! It was very poorly advertised!😡

Muy bueno

Me encantó

good game

i like u

Too many stupid side tasks

This game would be much cooler if you didn’t have to bathe cats and sweep the front lawn every five seconds. Very little actual decorating and way too time spent on things that have nothing to do with decorating.

Great game. Levels get too hard

This game is awesome, nice design, good characters, and fun events. The only reason that I put 4 stars is that the levels get too hard. I’ve seen that the levels are getting harder. Now have to use at least 1 power up per level therefore, spending a lot of money. In all, I think that the levels are going to get unbeatable for even the best players.

Fun but.....

When I first started playing this game I was hooked. Now, not so much. I am finding the game more and more frustrating. If you are not willing to buy a lot of coin you can be stuck on levels for days. When you finally pass the level your reward is little to non existent. I will give it a little more time, but will delete if it does not improve.


The game crashes when I’m playing and i lose my life....FRUSTRATINGGGGG...

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