Match-3: Matchington Mansion App Reviews

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Would be 5 but some levels are just crazy difficult and can take days to pass to just win 30 coins when it takes 500 coins just to get 5 extra moves.


So far it’s a good addictive game. I’ve been playing as much as I can.




I just started playing yesterday. It was fun enough. Not too frustrating. Which is refreshing. Today I wake up to the opportunity to play for unlimited lives?? AND keep playing to extend how long??? Say it isn’t so!! Lovin it!


I saw this on Givling and thought I’d give it a try. It’s not my cup of tea, but looks fun for people who want to decorate.


I love this game but it becomes almost impossible to continue.

Fun to play, hard to beat.

It’s a fun game, but as you get higher the levels get harder. Took a week to get through some levels. Will not spend money to play. It gets very aggravating to just constantly play and not get anywhere.

I love it (⌒▽⌒)ノ

The only thing I wish could be added that there was an option when I’m lost I could tap the hint button

Could be better

This could be a really fun game but the more levels you play the harder it gets to pass the level without spending money. I get that some levels will be more difficult but I don’t want to have to play a level 100 times over a couple of days to be able to pass it, that’s just not fun. And maybe every level is passable without paying to make it go quicker but how much time do you need to put into one level just to get to the next one with the same issue. And the tasks start to take so many stars to basically do nothing. I know it’s a story but when it takes you days to pass a level and a task requires 3 stars for one part that basically doesn’t advance anything it takes forever to get anywhere. You get to a point where you will either have to spend money or just delete the game.

Fun for awhile...

Had fun with this for longer than Gardenscapes, but then it happened. Level 214 is BS. I’m out. Ok while it lasted. How anyone could get more than a few rooms in is beyond me. It takes like 60 stars to complete a room. The number of rooms it appears can be unlocked and decorated seems high considering after level 200 a level can take days or more to beat, for one measly star. Frustration factor from here getting too high. When will someone make a game where one star = one improvement and you can really make progress without these awful unbalanced levels that are trying to force you to buy powerups which mostly won’t guarantee a win? I’d rather have ads run every couple of levels...

Homescapes Part 2

It’s ok. Absolutely a knockoff of Homescapes. Good for passing useless time. Nothing special.


Lot like candy crush

My favourite game!

During the lunch, dinner, breaks at work :) I absolutely love it..:)

Not as advertised

I didn’t devote more than a couple hours to this game because it was nothing like the advertisement for it. I saw it advertised in the midst of another game and it looked interesting. But when actual game play commenced, it wasn’t like the advertisement at all. If I want this type of game, I’ll start playing the SIMS again. And, as another reviewer confirmed, it started getting progressively harder (near impossible) in the hope that we would start spending money on it. Nope.

Super fun, BUT...

It needs something to make you want to keep playing. Once you get up into the higher levels and it gets harder to beat, there isn’t really much motivation to keep going. You end up spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to beat levels and miss out on the fun of advancing the mansion. I definitely think the number of stars earned from a level should increase with its difficulty. If I spend 2 days trying to beat a level, I should get more than one star out of it. Especially when the tasks start to cost more. Otherwise, I’m often spending days trying to complete a game board with no payout because the task I need to complete requires 3 stars and I’ve only earned 1 in 48 hours. That gets old fast and there are plenty more match 3 games on the App Store to choose from.

The usual

Spend money or be frustrated. Goodbye.



Matching mansion

Love it

Cute and fun but...

Very cute and fun game except once you get so far, it seems as if you HAVE to pay to win. I’m only on level 54 and used all of my power ups and didn’t even come close to beating the level. I decided to delete the game because I’m not going to dump money into a game that makes you pay to play it.

Fun fun fun!!!!

Game is so fun it’s almost like the butler mansion game. You will enjoy!

Just a ploy to get money -waste of time

It was fairly fun to play until they get you to a level where you either have to spend days getting through a hard level because you don’t get the luck of having the right order of sets of three because they limit the moves or you have to start spending money to buy coins or lives to keep going. I’d rather deal with ads than have a game designed to make you fail.

Matchington Mansion is a total snore fest matching game

Not as advertised, several “puzzles” in you get one that pretty much requires in app purchases to proceed. Not worth the time.

Good game

I love the house


It’s a really fun game that keeps you interested and it always makes you look forward to playing it again, my whole family is addicted to this game now!

Enjoyable but unrealistic

Playing the game is a great way to spend some time it’s challenging and exciting makes you want to keep going. However some of the levels are near impossible without the power ups which require 700 coins or more Your average win gains you 50 coins. So you needs to win 14 or more times to get a one power up. Also watching an add which gains the app real money only gives you 30 coins Completely unrealistic if you want to do anything other and constantly lose, pull out your credit card!! Either cost of power ups need to come down or availability to coins need to improve to get a better rating in my mind!!


My original comment still stands. I did appreciate a quick response from developers after my last rating. However I had already done what was recommended. I understand the level of difficulty increases when you aren’t buying aids. But the storyline is not worthy of entertaining you for long. The suspenseful events are not suspenseful at all. Overall it is a slow paced game, characters are simplistic, it would take a lifetime to decorate, storyline uneventful if you can even call it a storyline. Only entertainment value is it’s something to do if you are bored. But I believe eventually it will just add to your boredom. I’m moving on! I am deleting app. Entertaining when you first begin. I won’t spend money on these games so my comment won’t mean anything to those who do. I have not been able to get off level 44 for three weeks. Even tried every “cheat” I could find. Ceases to be fun after a while.

Love it

So relaxing! Great music as well :)


I’ve only played for a few days, but so far so good, I like it.

outfit change !! please !!

This game is really enjoyable and I love decorating but I wish Tiffany had more than one outfit... she’s dressed like JoJo Siwa and I’d rather give her a more classy outfit than something that looks like it belongs in a 3rd graders closet.

Bait and switch

I felt like I got baited then switched because this game looks NOTHING like the ad that played during one of my games. A different gameplay for this game was shown in the ad.

Fun game

I like this game!

Fun game

I really like the game and even read the story line-which I usually do not do. But real crazy that once in the 200 levels it feels like no way to advance and get stars. Looking at the ‘house’ one could think there will bee 100’s if not 1000’s of levels to pass to repair it. It is starting to become boring to play and that means soon I will not play any more-something I think the developers of the game do not want us to do

No support

I have written uncountable messages only to insulting receive only automated responses. I have never been able to receive an actual human response. Edited. Still trying to get supports attention. They do not respond. Possibly they never read questions? Update: I’ve been on level 112 of Matchington since 29 September. That’s a long time to play the same level. I’m very sick of level 112. PLEASE DO SOMETHING‼️. I have contacted help support uncountable times and receive no reply. DELETING THIS GAME.

This game is so fun that......

I love this game it’s amazing and so addicting!👍👍👍👍

Love it!!!

People complain about spending money on games.. why do you think the game is free? There will always be in app purchases for you to get higher levels. I don’t treat myself to much do I don’t mind. This is my favorite game

Waste of time, advertisements lie.

The ad that plays to get you interested in this game looks like fun, however this isn’t at all what the game is like. The game itself is pretty lame.

No Good

This game seems great at first. However, things cost way too much and it takes way too many lives to pass levels once you’re higher than level 550. Contacting the game support is a joke. You get half crap responses at best. They don’t work on or fix anything, no matter how much you ask or spend. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT download or waste your time.


It’s fun but I can’t get passed a level and it’s getting annoying. Delete. Next game.

So sad

Like many other players, I am saddened and frustrated by the fact that this game became impossible at level 200. Why do game developers make a game and then make it so hard it is no longer fun? I want to fix the mansion, not labor for DAYS (literally!) on a single level. Only one thing to do: delete.


This game hang on a scene throw me out of tge game and then decrease my hearts

What a fun game!! But...

I absolutely love this game!! It is tons of fun, and has a lot of mystery!! But the one thing that bothers me is that levels 100 and up take hours or even days to complete, which gets really frustrating. But overall the game is a blast!!!

Just ok

Just ok, they want your money

I agree with some.

I agree with some other players. It is getting harder. I know what to do but the piece are not there. But I am liking the game.


With this much bug in a game, it's the worst game ever 👎

Matchington mansion

I’m on level 637 but a few levels before that they added alarm clocks I hate them you never get enough time to clear it takes me a long time does any one else want to see them gone .

Not working

I installed this game for my daughter. But whenever she starts the game and wants to enter her name, the keyboard won’t work even if we tap “Done”. Please fix this problem so my girl would play this game then we’ll change the rating and update the review. Thank you


Wish they would make levels a little easier since kids play

“Refill Lives”

I originally rated this game 5 stars after playing the first couple levels as I found it very enjoyable. But as I got on into the more difficult levels, I began to realize a flaw. You DO realize that by taking away lives as people fail to complete levels, pi are literally making those people QUIT playing your app while they wait for the lives to regenerate? Not everybody wants to spend money or connect to social media to continue playing the game. I think there should be a free, in-game alternative to getting more lives. Other than that, I love the game!

Fun Game

I love the concept of this game but sometimes difficult to reach the next level. I don't play as often because of the difficulty level. Otherwise it is fun and exciting to build your home.

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